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Code 3 Services provides a variety of services for industrial environments of all kinds. Our emergency response and Hazmat remediation teams are ready at a moments notice to move in to clean up and manage any plant spill or emergency. Beyond disaster recovery and rescue, we can also provide power-washing, air monitoring, general clean-up, vacuum trucks and more.

Confined Space Rope Rescue

Any time someone enters a confined space in an industrial environment, there is a chance something will go wrong. It is critical to be prepared with a confined space rescue service that can help. Code 3 Services provides professional confined space rescue support and can deploy on short notice. When working in Permit Required Confined Spaces, OSHA regulations require a Confined Space Entry supervisor and attendant on the job site. Code 3 Services can provide confined space rescue services with teams of well-trained, experienced rescue professionals.


Code 3 Services is equipped and experienced in Hydro excavation, the non-mechanical, non-destructive process that uses pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. As hydro excavation safely breaks up soil, the soil and water slurry is conveyed by vacuum to a debris tank. Our non-destructive hydraulic excavating machines dig with precision and make visual identification of existing underground utilities like gas lines, fiber optics, T-1's, etc., so they can be easily avoided.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Our industrial storage tank cleaning team has the training required for confined-space entry projects as well as the knowledge and experience for high pressure/low volume water wash services. Whether the tank system requires a change of product, periodic cleaning, maintenance or closure, we can develop a cleaning solution to meet your requirements.

Facility & Process Equipment Decontamination

Code 3 Services is equiped and experienced in the interior & exterior decontamination of buildings and process equipment. The services are typically required as part of scheduled maintenance, surface preparation, facility closure or clean-ups due to material releases.

Vacuum Removal of Liquids & Sludge

Our vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers can remove hazardous and non-hazardous materials from sumps, pits, trenches, drains and equipment reservoirs even within the far reaches of your plants interior. Responsible off-site disposal is also available.

Our Industrial Services Include:

  • Emergency Response and Hazmat remediation
  • Fire fighting, spill cleanup, logisitics
  • Disaster recovery
  • Pressure washing
  • Vacuum trucks and hydro-excavation
  • Air monitoring
  • General cleanup and grounds maintenance
  • Confined space rope rescue
  • Onsite training