For Emergency Response Call:
Nick     870-310-8873
Randy  870-314-0020


Code 3 Services

Code 3 Services is equipped and ready for any type of fuel leak clean-up and oil spill clean-up. From small-scale gasoline and diesel clean-ups to large-scale oil spill clean-ups, we are able to handle a wide range of demands. Whether it is a small leak or an emergency spill, Code 3 Services has the resources, experience and trained crews to manage any cases of oil spill containment and disposal.

Our team of fuel clean-up professionals perform above OSHA standards. With years of experience providing gasoline, diesel, and oil clean-up services, our focus is to help make the local environment a better and cleaner place to live and conduct business.

Our Oil Spill Services include:

  • Clean up crews 
  • Logistics of clean up 
  • Air monitoring 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Response equipment and supplies 
  • Command trailers 
  • Vacuum trucks 
  • Large network of subcontractors
  • Equipment fueling services
  • Drone Services